28 Hour Reactivation Course

Realtor after taking 28 hour reactivation course
Reactive your license today!


Florida 28 Hour Reactivation Online Course for Sales Associates & Brokers

This 28 hour online course, based on key content from Florida Real Estate Principles, Practices & Law, is intended for real estate sales associates and brokers who currently hold involuntary inactive Florida real estate licenses. This course meets the education requirements needed to reactivate your license, including the required two exams. You’ll learn from practice activities which provide an interactive method of concept reinforcement and self-testing.

Key Benefits:

  • This course satisfies the education requirement to reactivate an involuntary inactive Florida real estate license
  • It is updated annually, so it’s always current and relevant
  • Images, charts, and examples make it easy to understand complex concepts
  • Practice activities provide an interactive method of concept reinforcement and self-testing
Sign up today for the Florida 28 Hour Reactivation Course and get back to work. 

As an online course you’ll have immediate 24/7 access giving you the opportunity to study anywhere through your desktop computer or mobile device.

Course Number: 0020691
School License: ZH1002677
Course Approval: CRS15607

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